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Babysitter Strangles 5-Year-Old Cousin To Death, Lies To Police

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A 19-year-old has been accused of strangling and beating her 5-year-old cousin to death. The incident occurred in Knox, New York on Thursday night, where Tiffany Vanalstyne was babysitting 5-year-old Kenneth White.

The police were initially alerted about an incident involving White after Vanalstyne reported it herself, apparently making up a false story about two masked men kidnapping the child. According to the Daily Mail, this story was invented to cover Vanalstyne’s own role in the boy’s murder, but it led police to issue an amber alert in search of White. Police ultimately found White buried under a pile of snow near the trailer where they lived, presumably after being tossed over a guardrail by Vanalstyne. The boy’s body was discovered by a police K-9 who was tracking his scent, and police reportedly refocused their search efforts after hearing inconsistencies in Vanalstyne’s story. 

“I’m angry that we had a five-year-old killed and basically thrown away like a piece of trash. It’s sinful and it’s sad,” said Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple. 

The motive behind Vanalstyne’s murder is still unclear, but she reportedly strangled and beat White in front of his twin sister Cheyenne and their younger sibling. Those two children have since been placed in the care of Child Protective Services, and Vanalstyne has been charged with second-degree murder. According to Pix 11, she is being held at Albany County Jail without bail.

"We had more than enough evidence to go forward with a murder charge," said Sheriff Apple.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Pix 11

Image Source: Pix 11


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