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Babysitter Gets 22 Years For Toddler's Xanax Overdose

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An Ohio babysitter will head to prison for 22 years after pleading guilty to giving a toddler a Xanax pill that resulted in the 17-month-old's death.

Summer Shalodi accepted a plea deal that dropped the murder charge for the December 2015 death of Nadia Nicole Gibbons and effectively reduced her sentence, reports The Chronicle.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, corrupting another with drugs and tampering with evidence.

"We have reached this agreement in order to bring finality to this case," Assistant County Prosecutor Laura Dezort said during the Oct. 19 sentencing trial, notes The Chronicle. "It was a difficult decision, but it's one that's supported by the feeling to achieve that goal of certainty in this case."

According to Dezort, Shalodi gave the baby the anti-anxiety sedative shortly before 9 p.m. before going out for the evening to drink wine and catch a movie. She returned around 2:30 a.m. and found Gibbons unresponsive.

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"Instead of calling 911 or her father who's a doctor, she started doing things to revive Nadia," said Dezort, according to The Morning Journal. "Every step she took, took Nadia one step closer to death."

Had she called 911 right away, the girl would likely have lived, Dezort explained.

"She shook her to try and revive her; that caused injuries," said Dezort. "She put her in hot water to try to revive her; that caused injuries. Each and every step she took, caused more and more injuries and ultimately led to the death of Nadia. And she did it to protect herself. She did it so she wouldn't be responsible."

In addition to her time in prison, Shalodi must pay a $15,000 fine and approximately $4,000 in restitution. She will also be on community control for five years following her release.

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"Summer's selfish actions killed my baby," said mother Nadia Gibbons, according to The Chronicle. "She killed a 17-month-old baby and gave me a reality I have to face every day. I have started to rebuild but my life is filled with anger. Summer's actions were evil, but I'm thankful this has been brought to a close so I can start the healing process."

The mom explained in court that she and her daughter had established a relationship with Shalodi when the woman was working at a day care, notes The Morning Journal. When the defendant left her position there, she reportedly reached out to Gibbons and said that she missed them and wanted to spend time with the toddler.

"The first time that she watched Nadia by herself, she told me that she was thankful I trusted her enough to do so," said Gibbons. "Summer deceived me; she fooled me into trusting her with my most precious gift."

Sources: The Chronicle, The Morning Journal / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: The Morning Journal

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