Babysitter Heng Hsiao Beats 5-Year-Old Shing Sun (Video)


Heng Hsiao, 32, was babysitting 5-year-old Shing Sun when she brutally beat him and threatened to kill him on camera. Hsiao was hired by Sun’s mom, Qing Chin, 28, to watch him while she and her husband went out to dinner.

Chin and her husband installed a camera in their living room to catch potential thieves looking to burglarize their home in Liaoning Province in north-eastern China. They never imagined they’d accidentally capture images of their son being beaten.

Hsiao was forcefully feeding Sun on the family’s couch and, when he refused to take another bite, she dragged him onto the floor. Hsiao towered over Sun and kicked him as he tried to fight her off. She hit him with a slipper as she screamed, “I will beat you to death.” She then dragged him off camera and later remerges to clean the floor where she hit him.

“When we got home she seemed normal and said Sun was in bed asleep,” Chin told Daily Mail. “She was a new babysitter, so we didn't really know her that well, but she seemed nice enough. We paid her and then we went up to see Sun. He was crying and shaking with fear.”

The police are now investigating the incident, but Chin is concerned no action will be taken. “There are so many child abuse cases, and babysitters are rarely punished severely," she said. "But I never thought it would happen to our child.”

Source: Daily Mail / Image via Daily Mail


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