Babysitter Charged In Shaking Death Of Baby (Video)

An Oregon City, Oregon, woman was charged in the death of an infant she was babysitting after she “violently” shook him.

Sarah Elizabeth Martin, 37, was charged with manslaughter for the shaking death of 7-month-old Izaak Gillen. On April 6, Martin was babysitting Gillen at her home when she reportedly “violently” shook him, causing an injury. Upon taking him to a hospital, doctors discovered the 7-month-old had a skull fracture, and he died the next day, reports KGW.

“Sarah was the only adult watching Izaak Gillen that day," court documents, which list the cause of death as a “closed head injury,” read. "Sarah caused the death of Izaak by violently shaking him.”

Martin knew the Gillen family through her church and had been babysitting the infant since December, reports KOIN 6.

In a statement, Izaak's family remembered him as a loving boy who gave a lot to the world in the short time that he was alive.

“Izaak was an inquisitive and curious little boy, who explored the world with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face,” a statement from the family reads. “He was our happy, beautiful little baby. In his seven months, Izaak touched many lives."

Gillen is scheduled to be arraigned on May 28.

Sources: KGW, KOIN

Photo Source: Gillen Family/Oregon City Police via KGW


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