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Babysitter Charged With Burning And Beating A Child Faces New Charges After Nanny Cam Footage Surfaces

A babysitter charged with burning and beating a 3-year-old girl in March was given more charges after authorities reviewed hidden nanny cam footage, reports Danbury News Times. 

Lidia Quilligana, 32, of Danbury, Connecticut, was charged with 15 counts of risk of injury to a minor on Friday. 

Court records say that the footage, recorded from March 16 to 27, revealed more abuse against the 3-year-old, and also against her 1-year-old twin siblings, according to Danbury News Times. 

The footage was recorded and stored in a DVR system prior to the March 27 incident, when police arrested Quilligana after reviewing video that showed her force-feeding and pressing the 3-year-old’s hands and leg to a stove burner, reports the Daily Mail. 

Senior State's Attorney Deborah Mabbett said during Quilligana’s May 29 court appearance that part of the surfaced video material shows the babysitter spraying a liquid substance believed to be nail polish remover inside the 3-year-old’s mouth, the Danbury News Times reported. 

No other details of the video findings were reported in the new affidavit. 

Since her March arrest, Quilligana has been held on a $1 million bond. She is expected to appear before the state Superior Court in Danbury on Tuesday, where her additional charges will be further discussed. 

“You can hear the child yelling, screaming,” a prosecutor who viewed the footage told WTNH. “Multiple times, she takes the child’s hands and puts the child’s hands on the burner.”

Quilligana’s defense attorney, Jennifer Tunnard, said that it’s “all hearsay based on what the mother told police,” according to Danbury News Times. She has not commented on the latest charges against her client. 

Quilligana pleaded not guilty to the March 27 incident. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Danbury News Times(2), WTNH / Photo credit: Danbury News Times


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