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Babysitter Charged With Abuse After Baby Girl Suffers Fractured Skull

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A Jefferson County, Missouri, woman was arrested and charged with severely abusing a 10-month-old girl she was babysitting. 

Katie Hartwig, 31, was arrested following reports that the baby was lethargic and vomiting after being in her care. Hartwig told authorities that she threw baby Quinn to the floor when she wouldn’t stop crying.

The girl’s mother reportedly returned home to find her daughter sleeping facedown on a couch, and soon discovered her injuries. Quinn was brought to a nearby hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with a skull fracture, as well as bleeding and swelling around the brain. The injuries were caused by “high force impact” greater than a fall, according to doctors. 

Jefferson County detectives subsequently found a glass bong, marijuana, and a marijuana grinder at Hartwig’s home upon investigation, reported St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Hartwig, according to Quinn's family, had been helping to raise the baby since she was an infant. 

“Her skull is shattered,” Mary Pfingsten, a friend of both Quinn’s parents and Hartwig, said. 

“This isn't just some random person Heather found through a classified ad," Pfingsten added, reported St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Katie has been an integral part of this little girl's life. This is just out of character and shows the deviousness of what a person is capable of. This is just insane. The family is in shock."

A fundraising page was subsequently launched on GoFundMe to help the family pay for medical expenses, reported FOX 2.

“Our sweet baby Quinn was abused by her babysitter who was also our family friend,” Quinn's family wrote on the page. "We are all so devastated and still in shock. Her skull was shattered by a person we cared for and trusted."

“She has a long recovery and between medical bills and time off work we would be so grateful for any help,” they added.

Hartwig was charged with first-degree felony child abuse, as well as misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She is currently being held at Jefferson County Jail on a $100,000 cash bail.

Sources: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, FOX 2, GoFundMe / Photo credit: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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