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Babysitter Allegedly Sets Fire To Family's Home In Act of Revenge


Martha Dreher, 57, of Austin, Texas, had been babysitting for the Williams family for several months. Somewhere along the way, she had become fed up with the two girls she was supposed to be babysitting and could stand it no longer.

"She said that it was horrible, that the girls -- my oldest -- had been very disrespectful," said Glenn Williams, the father of the two girls who had driven Dreher up a wall for the past few months.

Dreher allegedly told investigators that she wanted to quit. Rather than quitting, however, the 57 year-old babysitter allegedly drove up to the house when no one was home, lit the two girls' bedrooms on fire, and then drove away, ABC reports.

While Dreher maintains her innocence, surveillance footage has surfaced reportedly showing Dreher entering the Williams' home when no one else was there, spending up to twenty minutes inside the home, then exiting through the front door. As she is exiting, smoke can apparently be seen coming from the bedrooms of the two girls with whom Dreher had such trouble.

According to sources close to the incident, the two girls' bedrooms were specifically targeted by the arson, as both bedroom doors were closed after the respective fires were lit.

Said the father, Glenn Williams, "They could have set the whole house on fire, and they actually closed the doors so the fire was maintained in those rooms and burned itself out. So it was definitely a vendetta against the two girls."

While the incident is still under investigation, Dreher remains the primary suspect of local police.

As a result of the fire damage, the Williams family has been forced to gut their historic home, reports ABC.


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