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Mother Arrested After Baby's Autopsy Reveals Meth In Bloodstream

Traces of methamphetamine were found in the body of a deceased 4-month-old baby, leading to the arrest of the child’s mother.

Tyelyn Kay Sanders of Anniston, Alabama, has been charged with three counts of chemical endangerment, reports Alabama’s 13.

Sanders’ child died in August 2014 after police responded to a call to her home and found the child not breathing.

Anniston Police Capt. Allen George said no foul play was suspected at the time but the child’s body was sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science for an autopsy.

The autopsy results were received in January by the department and revealed methamphetamine in the infant’s bloodstream.

Sanders has reportedly admitted to breastfeeding the child around the same time she used the drug.

Sanders’ other two children, aged 8 and 2, were also tested for the drug and both had positive results.

The children are now in the custody of the Department of Human Resources.

Sanders responded to the charges against her in a Facebook post acquired by The Daily Mail.

The post by Sanders reads:

“No matter what tomorrow brings idc what anyone says about me. No matter what!!! No matter what ppl say I know im a good person, mother, and I love my kids ALL of them til the death of me.

“i have made a few bad choices and even had a few bad habits.. but ive been done with all that sometimes the past comes to haunt u and u must face it.. anyone who knows me, loves me, and cares about me knows that and those are the ones that matter!!!!I have a strong support system and thank my closest friends and family for that.

“This shall NOT break me Im a strong woman with a strong faith in GOD and I will keep my peace and faith and the Devil will not get to me!!”

The case is still under investigation and will be presented to a grand jury.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Alabama's 13 / Photo Source: Alabama's 13


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