Baby Suffocates After Plastic Bag Is Placed Over Her Head To Treat Lice

A 1-year-old girl from Springfield, Massachusetts, reportedly died over the weekend from suffocation after a family member allegedly put a plastic bag over her head as part of a home lice treatment.

The unidentified baby was reportedly treated for lice by relatives who covered her scalp with mayonnaise and then put a plastic shopping bar over her head, reports MassLive.com. The child was then reportedly left alone for an unspecified amount of time before police received a phone call about her not breathing.

When police arrived, they also reportedly found another child in the home who had lice, but the family had shaved his head in order to get rid of it.

Police won’t disclose the number of children living in the house, but have confirmed that any children have been removed and are now in the care of a relative.

Police and the Department of Children and Families are currently investigating the situation, reports the Huffington Post. No arrests have been made at this time.

Although the oil in mayonnaise is thought to suffocate adult lice, it doesn’t reportedly kill lice eggs. The Head Lice Center reportedly recommends using a shower cap to treat children with the home remedy. Both the Massachusetts and Minnesota Departments of Health do not reportedly recommend mayonnaise as an effective lice treatment.

Sources: MassLive.com, Huffington Post, The Head Lice Center

Photo Credit: Eran Finkle/Flickr, WikiHow


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