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Baby Snatcher Accused Of Kidnapping

Baby Snatcher Accused Of Kidnapping Promo Image

A recent case has come up, wherein a woman has admitted to having snatched a newborn from the hospital. She also admitted that she has been raising the child for about 18 years as her own now.

Gloria Williams, 52, allegedly posed as a nurse at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. She could serve up to 22 years for having walked out with Kamiyah Mobley, a baby which was not hers.

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Williams appeared in court to plead guilty of kidnapping as well as a charge for interference, which could lead to an additional five years served in prison.

She was arrested in January 2017 after Kamiyah, whom Williams had renamed as Alexis Manigo, discovered that the woman who had raised her for 18 years was not her real mother, but a kidnapper.

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To everyone’s astonishment, Mobley, who is a resident of South Carolina, says that she has already forgiven Williams, and now is pleading with the court to reduce her sentence by as much as 10 years.

Her birth parents have not shown any involvement with the case whatsoever and are as of now reportedly only focused on spending time with their long lost daughter.

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'Don't get me wrong, I do feel like it was wrong. But we talked about it and I can understand at the time what was going on,' she told the Daily Mail.

'I sympathize with her, I'm not mad at her -- of course I forgive her.

'I am certain that she's going to get time but I'm hoping not very, very long. I think they should be lenient. It's not like she took me and tortured me my whole life. She took care of me very well.'

Williams, however, has made it quite difficult for her daughter to get over her. Shanara Mobley wrote on her Facebook: 'The tears won't stop. I see my baby girl wanting this lady in her life and not me.'

'It's been harder for my mother to cope. We are working on our relationship. I don't like to define which one is my mother, I like to be respectful of both parties,' the daughter said.

'I don't like to take away from either one of their duties or what they did. I don't want to pick sides.'

Mobely insists that there was absolutely no reason for her to have doubted Williams, as she treated the girl like a "princess."

'As a mom, she was very smart, very loving, and generous. She was always giving everything she had to me and my friends,' Kamiyah said. 'She wasn't a parent who could say no. I was very spoiled. I know she loved me.

'She taught me the difference between right and wrong. We went to church. She may have had a few speeding tickets, but she was never in any trouble. She is a good person.'

Footage of the daughter briefly being allowed to speak with her falsified mother has been released by the Florida prosecutors.

'I'm sorry baby. I love you,' Williams can be heard telling an emotional Mobley in the video, which was obtained by ABC News.

'They are sending three people like you are some kind of violent person.'

Williams responded: 'They just want to make sure you are okay.'

Source: Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: Dave Herholz/Flickr, Pexels (2)

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