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Baby Sea Lion 'Requested His Lawyer' After Being 'Detained' In Back Of Police Car

A San Diego high school got an unexpected visitor on April 9 when a baby sea lion arrived on campus.

School staff at Mar Vista High School were both shocked and amused when they spotted a baby sea lion wandering around campus.

Somehow, the determined sea lion traveled five blocks from a nearby beach to make it to the school’s campus, San Diego 6 reported.

A San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy was called to the school and did what he had to do to the trespassing seal.

“The little guy was ‘detained’ without incident in the back of the patrol car,” the department said jokingly.

The jokes didn’t stop there.

A press release from the sheriff’s department stated that authorities interrogated the baby sea lion before “he clammed-up and requested his lawyer.”

A photo was posted online of the adorable baby sea lion — which was thought to be a baby seal at first — and quickly went viral.

While the photo is incredibly cute and the story quite humorous, the LAist reported that the incident is part of a much larger issue currently affecting sea lions on the West Coast.

Hundreds of sea lion pups have reportedly wound up starved to death along the California coast. Scientists believe the cause of the “unusual mortality event” is linked to rising sea temperatures.

According to New York Daily News, the epidemic has gotten so bad that Sea World has suspended its sea lion show and rescue centers have been filled to capacity. Some pups have to be turned away or euthanized.

More than 1,100 sea lion pups were reportedly rescued in California between Jan. 15 and March 15. The LAist reported that more than 1,600 pups have been rescued so far this year.

“We’ve doubled our rescues and there seems to be no end in sight,” Marine Animal Rescue President Peter Wallerstein said.

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Photo Credit: San Diego County Sheriff's Department Via NY Daily News


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