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Baby Rescued From Ocean Almost Floats To Greece

The Turkish Coast Guard rescued a 10-month-old baby who floated out into the open ocean towards Greece after her sunbathing parents let her play alone. Her family forgot they left her in the water, BGN News reports.

On Friday, the Ilgın family visited a beach near Küçükkuyu, in Çanakkale, Turkey’s northwest province, where they let baby Melda float unsupervised in nearby water, equipped with a flotation device. Northerly winds picked up suddenly, and the family did not notice the infant drifting towards the open sea in the direction of the Greek Island of Lesbos, according to BGN.

According to Inquisitr, Melda’s were sunbathing on the beach and fell asleep, forgetting that they left their daughter sitting in the water.

By the time somebody realized what was happening, beachgoers swam out into the water to try and save her, but she was too far away.

Fortunately, somebody called the Turkish Coast Guard, and they dispatched a boat towards the floating baby. They finally caught up to her half a mile out at sea, and rescuers had to dive into the strong current to rescue her. They were able to bring her back to dry land, safety, and her relieved but probably embarrassed parents.

“This is why you should always keep your eyes on your kids when you’re at the beach,” said Carri-Ann Taylor from Metro.

Many Facebook users were outraged. According to Inquisitr, many people on social media have reflected a common sentiment: “Oh my god as if u would forget ya baby is in the water?” one Facebook user posted.

This was one of the more tame responses. One user put it a little more bluntly: “How the f**k could you FORGET your child!!!”

“Some people need sterilizing,” another user commented.

It is unknown if the infant was injured, but she appeared unharmed in pictures.

Once Melda was back with her parents, they noticed the large crowd that had gathered and quickly left the scene with her -- hopefully, this time, under close supervision.

Sources: Daily Mail, BGN News, Metro, Inquisitr
Photo Credit: YouTube


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