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Pit Bull Puppy Found Dead Inside Barbecue Grill

A Houston family is devastated after finding their pit bull puppy dead inside their backyard grill Sunday.

The horrified dog owners, Cecelia Resendez and Jesse Sosa, believe that somebody entered their back yard and attacked the playful family pet in the garden, reports the Daily Mail.

Resendez and Sosa were away on a family visit. When they returned to their home in Humble, Texas, they noticed that their friendly pit bull puppy, Gema, did not come to greet them like usual, and they did not hear her. They looked outside, where they were in for a gruesome shock to find Gema’s legs sticking out from their barbeque pit.

"I got her when she was a puppy and I've raised her," owner Cecelia Resendez said to Click 2 Houston, choking back tears. "If they can do that to a dog, imagine what they could do to a kid. If it's a kid doing that, they need help."

It is going to be hard for detectives to track down the culprit, since there are no security cameras in the area and no witnesses have come forward. Neighbors on Orchard Ridge Lane in the Deerbrook Estates area say that they did not see or hear anything.

The dog did not appear burned, but she did have numerous scratches and wounds on her legs and head, according to Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables.

At this time, investigators are considering several possibilities of what may have happened to the beloved dog. One investigator has suggested that the killer hit her with a car and then shoved her inside the grill, although nothing is conclusive yet.

“It's still confusing to me,” Sosa said. “They had to try really hard because she was big for a puppy but she wasn't aggressive at all. She was real lovable. All the kids come and want to play with her.”

According to the Humane Society, the pit bull family is the most commonly abused dog breed.

Sources:  Daily Mail, Click 2 Houston, Humane Society
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Click 2 Houston


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