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Two Babies Overdose In Separate Bronx Incidents

Two Babies Overdose In Separate Bronx Incidents Promo Image

Two babies narrowly survived after overdosing on opioids in separate incidents in the Bronx, New York.

In one of the incidents, a 1-year-old girl ingested heroin when she was sleeping in her father's bed on Dec. 2, according to WPIX. The girl had been been sleeping in the bed with her 2-year-old brother when some heroin spilled onto the bed, and the girl ended up ingesting it.

"I was using heroin in the bed before may kids laid down," said the girl's father, 20-year-old Edgardo Rodriguez. "My kids were there. Some of it spilled onto the bed. It made a mess. I went to sleep. I don't know how my daughter got in contact with the residue on the bed because I was high."

After Rodriguez and the baby's grandmother noticed the girl was having difficulty breathing, they rushed her to the hospital. The girl was unresponsive when she arrived at a local hospital.

Police found a white powdery substance in the bed, and Rodriguez had a bag with the white substance in his pocket, which he admitted to police was heroin.

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Rodriguez was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

The 1-year-old remains in intensive care. She was given three doses of naloxone, a drug that reverses overdoses.

In the other incident, another 1-year-old girl in the Bronx overdosed on some type of drug. Her father found a small plastic bag in her mouth.

The girl was in her stroller on Dec. 3 when her parents noticed the bag in her mouth. When her father pulled the bag out, he saw that it was coated in an unknown residue, and threw it into the trash. The child then turned green and began to convulse. Her parents rushed her to the hospital.

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The girl was given two doses of naloxone. The girl's parents said they don't know where the plastic bag came from, and no criminal charges have been filed in the case.

The girl's mother said her daughter was "doing very good" but added that she couldn't discuss the case, reports the New York Daily News.

"There's an open [Administration for Children's Services] case and they told me I couldn't talk about it," said the mom, who added that her daughter had picked the bag up off of the ground.

According to police source, some had been skeptical about the parents' story, since they had allegedly been walking with their 1-year-old daughter through the Bronx around midnight.

"ACS doesn't believe their story," said the source. "Nobody really believes it, but there's nothing to indicate it didn't happen that way."

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