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Baby Nearly Dies When Car His Mother Left Him In Alone Catches Fire

A baby in Rolla, Missouri, left unattended in a vehicle while his mother went inside a restaurant to pick up a pizza, nearly died when she returned to find the car on fire with him inside.

The mother took the 10-month-old boy from the burning vehicle and brought him into the pizza restaurant.

Police said the child was not breathing, according to FOX 2 Now.

“She was hysterical, she was all over the place screaming and crying. Just was probably the same way I would be if it were one of my children,” said Papa Murphy’s restaurant manager, Gina Coffman.

"All you could really see was the smoldering car seat," Coffman said.  "It was pretty scary."

"He was covered in black soot, maybe from smoke, and she kept saying, 'call 911, call 911!,'" Ozarks First reports Coffman said.  "The baby wasn't moving at all."

An off-duty paramedic, Brandy Baker, was nearby and heard the mother screaming.

Baker administered CPR to the baby and he started breathing again.

Witnesses are calling Baker a hero, but Baker views what she did as what needed to be done.

"I'm not a hero," Baker said. "I did what this baby needed.  It's not something that happens everyday — so to be there at that time and for things to work out how they did, I'm fairly certain God had his hand on my shoulder."

The baby boy is currently in critical but stable condition at a St. Louis hospital.

Rolla police are investigating the incident.

"You're looking into the possibility of neglect, endangering the welfare of a child," said Lieutenant Rick Williams.  "Other than that, we're trying to determine the source and cause and find out why it happened."

A witness claims she saw a candle removed from the car. Police would not confirm or deny her statement.

Sources: Ozarks First, FOX 2 Now / Photo Source: Screenshot/FOX 2 Now


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