Troopers Find Baby Covered In Vomit

West Virginia state troopers pulled over a suspected drunk driver and found a 1-year-old baby covered in vomit on Aug. 23.

Lt. Michael Baylous said troopers in Princeton, West Virginia, suspected the driver of the vehicle to be under the influence of alcohol. When authorities walked up to the car, they discovered a toddler covered in vomit in the backseat, CNN reports.

The officers took the baby to police headquarters, where state trooper D.C. Graham washed and cleaned the vomit-drenched toddler in a sink. The police supervised and cared for the baby until child protective services arrived.

The 1-year-old is now in the custody of a legal guardian. 

CNN posted the story to its Facebook page, which has drawn mostly positive reactions. 

One user wrote: "Regardless of race, religion , occupation or political views... There are good and bad people. I love warm hearted stories like this. Period"

Another added: "Poor angel, I bet he felt way better after that bath. Hope the irresponsible parent gets severely punished for endangering the child's life. Well done Trooper, hats off to you!"

Baylous said the driver of the vehicle faces a DUI charge. 

Sources: CNN, CNN/Facebook / Photo Credit: West Virginia State Police via CNN

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