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Mom Charged After Boyfriend Allegedly Kills Baby

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After her boyfriend reportedly killed her 21-month-old in Utah, police are now also accusing the child's mother of child abuse.

On Jan. 29, Gena Nicole Sanchez, 22, was charged after authorities say she saw signs her children were being abused but did nothing about it, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Sanchez is now charged with two counts of child abuse and a second-degree felony, reports KSL.

Sanchez said she had noticed her boyfriend, Isaiah Weaver, 17, seemed jealous of her relationship with 21-month-old Jaycieion, now deceased.

She said she had previously watched as Weaver kicked the child in the back once, and saw him hit the child in the mouth later.

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Sanchez says she had also observed marks on her child's chest, adding she "had a weird feeling" about going to work the day her son died.

However, she felt forced to go in "because they needed the money."

Her charges come after Weaver was charged as an adult with aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, and two counts of child abuse after he allegedly killed Jaycieion.

On Jan. 16, police were called to Sanchez's mother's home -- where the couple and her children lived -- on a report that Jaycieion was unconscious and unresponsive.

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When police arrived, they found the baby lying on his back on the bathroom floor with his eyes partially open.

Authorities said they found bruising and scars "all over" the boy's body, who also looked as if he had suffered severe head trauma.

Police say they also found "fresh blood droplets on the walls, ceiling, and many other pieces of furniture in the bedroom shared by Weaver and Sanchez."

The child was pronounced dead after being rushed to Primary Children's Hospital.

"It was likely that [Jaycieion] had been deceased for some time before emergency personnel had arrived," a Primary Children's Hospital doctor said.

Weaver later "admitted that he had a bad temper" and said he was throwing Jaycieion in the air "because he wanted him to be quiet" -- something he had reportedly done more than once.

According to him, the boy hit his head on the ceiling, while a few days before, the boy landed on the floor and hit his head.

While many agree Weaver should be punished, some on the internet are wondering how fair it is to charge the child's mother.

"Before judging the mother to harshly remember she was in a terrible psychological bind," writes one person in KSL's comments section. "Many abusive relationships continue because the abuser is very manipulative."

However, not everybody agrees.

"There is ALWAYS a conscious choice" wrote another. "As an adult and parent she had a responsibility to protect her children, and chose to look the other way."

Sources: KSL, The Salt Lake Tribune / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Pexels (2)

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