Young Girl Hit In Face By Ball At Yankee Stadium

Young Girl Hit In Face By Ball At Yankee Stadium Promo Image

New York Yankees players have sent out their well wishes after a young girl was hit in the face by a foul ball during a game.

The toddler was struck by a 105 mph ball when Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier fouled a ball into the stands during the fifth inning of a Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 20, WNBC reports.

The girl was treated at a local hospital, and is reported to be "doing OK," according to Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

"I thought of my kids," said Frazier. "I have two kids under 3 years old and I just hope she's alright."

"I know the dad or whoever it was that was with them was trying their hardest, but the ball's coming at 120 miles an hour at them and the ball's hooking," Frazier added. "So it's like if you've never seen a ball like that, which most people in the world haven't, it's very tough."

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The incident led players on both teams to call for more safety netting to protect spectators.

"We've been trying to get these teams to put nets up," said Twins second baseman Brian Dozier. "No. 1, you don't bring kids down there. And No. 2, every stadium needs to have nets. That's it."

"I don't care about the damn view of a fan or what," Dozier added. "It's all about safety. I still have a knot in my stomach."

In July, another Yankees fan was struck by a foul ball, and in May, a child got hit by a broken bat at the stadium.

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"It remains an ongoing discussion in the industry," said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. "We gave some guidelines two years ago, and what we have done since then is that we have encouraged the individual clubs to engage in a localized process, look at their own stadiums -- every stadium's different -- and to try to make a good decision about how far the netting should go in order to promote fan safety."

Manfred added: "If you look at what's happened, there has been a continuous, forward movement in terms of increased netting in stadiums around the leagues, and I expect that process will continue this offseason."

Players offered their support for the girl on social media, according to Today.

"Hope everything is alright with the little girl that got hit with the foul ball," tweeted Yankees shortstop Didi Gregoius. "Her thoughts are with us for a speedy recovery."

"2day was tuff watching that little girl," Frazier wrote on Twitter. "I'll be thinking about her every day n her family. Please keep this beautiful girl in ur prayers 2nite."

Sources: WNBC, Today / Featured Image: Sean Winters/Flickr / Embedded Images: BubbaFan/Wikimedia Commons, M01229/Flickr

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