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Baby Girl's Mouth Leaves Parents, Doctors A Little Surprised (Photo)

A baby girl born in Missouri a few days after Christmas shocked her parents, doctors and nurses when she arrived with two front teeth.

“Right when she first arrived, everybody was just shocked,” Jaklina Bailey, the girl’s mother, said. “Just like, ‘She has two front teeth?’ It was just a big talk about it in the delivery room.”

The rare sight drew doctors and nurses from around the hospital who popped in to see the newborn. The girl’s doctor said that in 25 years as a doctor she had never seen a newborn with teeth.

Although it’s uncommon, around one in every 2,000 or 3,000 babies is born with teeth. According to Dr. Laura Corio of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, newborn teeth are often the bottom set. Sometimes, a baby is even born with more than two teeth.

Corio added that while newborn teeth can sometimes be a sign of poor health, it’s not always a true indication of something amiss. Doctors often file down the teeth to avoid injuries during breastfeeding and because the teeth present a choking hazard to youngsters.

Eventually, the newborn teeth will fall out and the girl will begin teething at around six months.

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Sources: DailyMailNY Daily News / Photo Credit: ABC 


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