Baby Girl, Pitbull Puppy Snuggle Up In Adorable Photos (Photos, Video)


Adorable pictures and home videos have captured one baby girl and her loyal companion – a pit bull puppy named Clyde.

The footage features eleven-week-old Eisleigh from North Carolina snuggled up with her best friend in different poses. In one video, the two lounge in a bouncer with Clyde’s nose on Eisleigh’s head. Eisleigh gives the camera an irresistable smile, then falls asleep.

In one photo, the two sleep with Eisleigh’s arm wrapped around Clyde.

Brandi Leigh Hodges, Eisleigh’s mother, said the two have a “fascinating” relationship and that they adore each other.

“My fiance and I are both die-hard animal lovers and adore pit bulls,” Hodges said. “We’ve always said we would get a puppy when we have a baby so they can grow up together and have a special bond."

Hodges added that she never realized the two would be so cute together, noting that they nap together at least four times a day.

“Clyde was connected to Eisleigh as soon as we picked him up,” Hodges said. “He climbed into Eisleigh’s car seat and snuggled with her the whole way home.”

Hodges joked that the duo's connection was love at first sight.

Since Hodges posted pictures of the two, who were born two weeks apart, on social media they’ve attracted a number of fans.

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Sources: DailyMail, Fox


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