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Mom Charged With Murder After Baby Found Dead In Trash (Photos)

Mom Charged With Murder After Baby Found Dead In Trash (Photos) Promo Image

A 26-year-old Oklahoma woman faces a second-degree murder charge after police found her newborn son's body in a dumpster outside her home.

Kathryn Juanita Green was arrested on April 9 and determined to be mentally incompetent on May 15 following a psychiatric evaluation, reports News OK.

Police says she had methamphetamine on her person when she was arrested, and the state medical examiner concluded that the infant died of toxicity from the drug. The medical examiner also ruled that the baby's manner of death was homicide.

In addition to the murder charge, Green also faces counts of unauthorized disposal of a corpse, child neglect, drug possession and obstruction of the law.

Green remains in jail and has been in police custody since she was first arrested.

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The baby was found wrapped in a blanket inside a trash bag and also in a luggage trunk, according to KFOR. Officers found the corpse while responding to a call about a suspicious odor just after 2 a.m. on April 9.

"When our officers responded, they could smell the odor also, and they then discovered a newborn infant inside of that [dumpster]," said Capt. Jack Morris of the Enid Police Department, reports KFOR.

The umbilical cord and placenta were found still attached to the baby.

Another resident of the trailer in which Green lived told officers that Green had asked him to throw away the trunk for her and told him that there was a newborn infant inside. He thought she was joking.

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"I haven't seen [anything like] it in my 28-year career," Morris said.

Green had three young children living with her when officers searched the home.

Capt. Tim Jacobi said investigators found "clothing and trash strewn throughout the house, extension cords lying about, dirty dishes and the smell of decayed food in the kitchen, a knife, a bottle of alcohol, and prescription medication easily accessible to the children, soiled mattresses lying on the floor without bedding, and an open electrical outlet nearly touching the mattress in one of the children's rooms."

Morris said that there was also "a machete laying out on the porch."

After being taken into custody, Green was alone in the interrogation room at the police station when officers noted that she "had a small square object hidden in her waist band, which she removed and appeared to have put it inside her vaginal area," as stated in the court affidavit.

Police say the object was tested and turned out to be a bag of methamphetamine. This led to her drug possession charge.

Sources: News OK, KFOR (2) / Photo credit: Pixabay, News OK, KFOR

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