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Baby Found in Plastic Walmart Bag on Side of Road Survives

The baby girl who was found on the side of the street in Texas stuffed in a plastic Walmart bag has been released from the hospital.

Authorities are now searching for her family. She is just a week old and was found with her umbilical cord still attached to her body, causing many to believe the mother had her and immediately dumped her.

Photographers visited baby Chloe in the hospital where she smiled, showing how healthy she is despite being forced to sit in a bag and face the outdoor elements on the side of a road.

She was only found because a woman’s dog picked up the scent outside of an apartment complex. When the woman opened the bag, she made the shocking discovery and called police.

They took the girl to Texas Children’s Hospital where she was listed in good condition.

“She was very healthy, didn’t have a fever,” Estella Olguin with Child Protective Services said. “Fortunately, she did not suffer from being exposed to the elements that evening.”

Doctors think the girl was placed in the bag just hours after she was born, and think she was also born premature at 35 weeks gestation.

Now, CPS is looking for the mother or father. Olguin said the parents don’t have to claim the child but it would be helpful if they could identify her family’s medical history.

“So the person who is adopting this baby can have some more genetic family medical background on the baby to be able to raise her with more knowledge or information about her,” Olguin said.

She is currently under the care of a foster home as they continue to track down her parents. On March 4, a judge will decide what happens to Chloe.

Police say the baby was not left out for long, as she had a normal body temperature when she was found.

Though her umbilical cord was not clamped, someone cleaned her up after birth.

Authorities don’t have many leads on the case since the area had no surveillance cameras.

“If it had not of been for the resident that came out to walk her dogs, that child may have laid there all night, possibly would’ve died,” Sgt. Gordon Trott said.



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