Baby Found In Hot Car After Mother Overdoses On Heroin (Video)


Police in Chevoit, Ohio reportedly found a 6-month-old baby inside of a car, overheated and crying, while his mother was in the front seat overdosed on heroin.

According to WCPO, the baby was found in a parking lot on May 8, along with the mother, Jessica Waller, and an unidentified female passenger. The temperature was in the high 80s.

“When the officers got on the scene, the passenger in the vehicle had come to, and was conscious, but obviously their focus was on the drug and not the baby,” Police Chief Joseph Ally said. Authorities used Narcan to revive at least one of the women in the car.

The baby was removed from the vehicle and cooled off inside a police car. It is unclear as to how long the child was in the hot car before officers arrived at the scene. “That's what we run into on a regular basis,” Ally told reporters. “That the people involved in the drugs care nothing about anything other than the drug themselves.”

The baby was subsequently placed in the care of Family Services, while Waller faces charges of child endangerment.

Sources: WCPO, YouTube, Cincinnati.com

Photo Credit: Via WCPO


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