'Baby Doe's' Mother And Mother's Boyfriend Plead Not Guilty To Murdering Toddler


"Baby Doe's" mother and her boyfriend were arraigned in a Boston courtroom on Sept. 21.

Rachelle Bond pleaded not guilty in the death of her daughter, Bella, the Daily Mail reports. Officials began an investigation after they found the body of an anonymous toddler, known only as "Baby Doe," washed up on Deer Island in Boston on June 25. That child turned out to be Bella, reports the Boston Globe.

Charged with being an accessory after the fact, she will be held on $1 million bail, while her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, will be held without bail on a murder charge.

Both pleaded not guilty and are also charged with improper disposal of a body.

When the prosecutor described the girl's death and how the couple took drugs for days after she was killed, officials removed the girl's godmother, Megan Fewtrell, from the courtroom, when she yelled, "I hope you rot in hell! I hope you rot in f------ hell!"

Bond told investigators the 2-year-old died after McCarthy went into Bella's bedroom to "try and calm her down," District Attorney David Deakin said.

Bond reportedly walked into the bedroom and saw McCarthy's hand placed forcefully on Bella's abdomen.

Examiners have not released the girl's cause of death, but Deakin suggested she may have died from asphyxiation.

After the girl's death, McCarthy allegedly told Bond, "She was a demon anyway. It was her time to die."

The pair reportedly put the girl in a bag in the refrigerator and later dumped her in Boston Harbor in a weighted duffel bag, reports Daily Mail.

Michael Sprinsky, a friend who previously lived with the couple, told police that McCarthy "had become very interested in the occult  — purported to see demons, purported to see ghosts, and purported to be able to exorcise demons and exorcise ghosts."

He said the couple had told him Bella was possessed by demons. They locked the screaming girl in a closet on two occasions for significant periods of time, he told police.

After the girl died, the pair told Sprinksy the Department of Children and Families took her away.

Recently, Bond reportedly told Sprinsky the truth about her daughter.

"Michael McCarthy killed her, and I’m accessory after the fact because I helped him get rid of the body," she allegedly said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Boston Globe / Photo credit: Boston Police via Boston Globe


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