Baby Caught on Camera Walking on Window Ledge Nine Stories High (Video)


A shocking video has spread all over the Internet showing a baby climbing onto a window ledge at a high-rise apartment building in India. It’s terrifying to watch as the baby wobbles back and forth while almost falling down nine stories multiple times during the video.

The baby is shown walking up and down the ledge several different times, each time coming closer to the edge. Each time, the baby disappears quickly back inside the apartment through the window, but comes right back out onto the ledge.

At one point, the baby comes even closer to the edge and can be seen pointing at something below. It doesn’t appear that there is anyone else there keeping an eye on the child as it just barely escapes death.

Right at the end of the video, it appears that finally somebody from inside quickly grabs the child and pulls it inside.

Watch the shocking video below.


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