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Baby Buried Alive By Father Over Deformity To Have Corrective Surgery

A baby girl whose father buried her alive and left her for dead because she was born with a deformity will have surgery to correct the problem.

Her father will be present as all charges against him have been dropped and the baby girl is now under his care, reports NY Daily News.

The baby girl, Kong Put Samnang, was born with a cleft lip.

Her father, Kong Sokthy, 29, buried her in a pile of dirt shortly after her birth near the hospital; she was found by a group of young boys.

Sokthy was arrested for burying the child, but the charges were later dismissed for reasons that are not completely clear.

Samnang’s mother, Heng Dany, did not believe it was possible.

“I never thought that her lip could be changed,” Dany said.

Dany claims the father’s feelings towards his daughter have changed since he buried her alive.

“He loves my daughter so much now,” Dany said.

Samnang, now 7-months-old, will undergo a 45-minute surgery to correct the cleft lip.

The Inquisitr reports that in Cambodia, one in 500 children are born with a cleft lip. It is a highly stigmatized deformity and it is not uncommon for parents to abandon their children.

Sources: NY Daily News, Inquisitr / Photo Source: Inquisitr


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