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Mother Abandons Baby Boy In Grass

An infant boy was found abandoned in grass in the front yard of a home in Lakewood, Washington.

A woman was walking home around 1:30 a.m. in a residential neighborhood when she thought she heard a distressed animal, Lakewood Police Lt. Chris Lawler said, according to KCPQ. It was actually a baby boy lying in the grass.

The child, who is believed to be three months old, was cold, but not injured, and was taken to a local hospital. He was then placed in the custody of Child Protective Services overnight.

"He doesn't look like he's been neglected," Lawler said, according to The Seattle Times.

"In my 26 years I've never seen anybody leave a kid in the middle of somebody's yard," he said, noting that he finds the case bizarre.

A tip led detectives to the baby's parents. During the investigation, the detectives were told that a patient at St. Clare Hospital was saying she was the child's mother.

"The mother told detectives that she was at a Lakewood residence last night and did some drugs, which made her paranoid," a Lakewood police news release obtained by KCPG said. "She said she grabbed her baby and ran from the residence because she thought she was being chased. She admitted to leaving the baby in a front yard and hoping someone would find him. She was later found running around the area of 74th and Tyler at 7:07AM and transported to St. Clare for medical treatment."

While the mother was being interviewed by detectives, the child's father reportedly arrived. He had not seen his wife or child since the night before, after he left following an argument. He told police he did not know his son had been abandoned.

The mother will face charges of second-degree abandonment of a dependent person once she is medically cleared, The Seattle Times reports.

The child's father will not face charges for his son being abandoned but was booked on a previously issued misdemeanor arrest warrant.

The investigation is ongoing and the mother and father will be named once formal charges are filed.

Sources: KCPQ, The Seattle Times / Photo credit: Lakewood Police Department via The Seattle Times

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