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Baby Born With A Birthmark That Looks Like The Number '12'

Hanru van Niekerk was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on November 11, 2014. At first, no one noticed anything unusual, but a little while later they realized the birthmark on his forehead looked a lot like the number ’12.’

Hanru’s great-grandmother, Catherine Jooste, 70, told Mirror, "My youngest daughter was the first one to see it and she said there is a 1 and a 2 on his forehead. We did not worry about it, his doctor said it will fade as he gets older.”

The family said the birthmark doesn’t make a difference to them.

Dermatologist Patrice Hyde said birthmarks can develop before or after birth.

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“Hemangiomas are a bunch of tiny blood vessels that grow in a specific area on the skin — that’s why they usually look red or purple,” she told Mirror.

Hyde also explained that blood vessels are the tubes that carry blood throughout the body.

“No one knows what causes blood vessels to group together, but it’s good to know that most birthmarks aren’t a sign of any kind of illness and usually don’t hurt at all.”

Though it’s possible Hanru’s birthmark will fade or disappear with time, he can also take Corticosteroids to get rid of the mark.

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