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Baby Born at 15 Pounds 7 Ounces

Baby George King shocked his parents, doctors, and everyone else in the world after he was born at 15 pounds, 7 ounces in England.

Doctors said he had a 10% chance of survival after his birth, but he seems to be perfectly healthy now.

George was born to Ryan and Jade King who were surprised at his size, especially because he was stuck at one point during birth and nearly died.

He went almost five minutes without oxygen.

Doctors didn't realize how big he was until his head started to emerge.

"When his head came out that's when they realized how big he was," Jade said. "And then his shoulders go stuck, and that's when everything kicked off, really. There were about 20 doctors in the room. That's when it got really scary."

The mother was able to deliver George naturally, without getting a C-section.

It was mainly the quick thinking of the doctors that made the birth as safe as possible, as they were able to keep George and his mother alive. The baby was able to go home with his parents four weeks later.

Since then, he has put on just one more pound.

The only struggle the parent's face now is finding clothes for George, as he does not fit into newborn clothes.

"He's gone straight into 3-6 month clothes," Jade said.

Sources: Todays News Gazette, Examiner


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