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Baby Allegedly Bent In Half Dies

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A 6-month-old baby in Arizona has died after his father reportedly bent the infant in half to silence his cries.

On Dec. 19, police arrested Robert Anthony Resendiz, 30, shortly after his son was hospitalized with injuries that Phoenix Children’s Hospital doctors deemed "not survivable," KPHO reports.

In a 911 call, Resendiz initially claimed he had woken up to find his baby son "unresponsive and not breathing."

But an investigation revealed a different story, KTLA reports.

Medical examinations showed the baby suffered a liver laceration, a left wrist fracture, a laceration to the pancreas, and bruising on his right thigh.

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Eventually, Resendiz confessed he hit the baby out of frustration.

In an interview with police, the father "admitted to pressing the infant’s legs over his head and bending his body in order to stop the victim from crying. Robert stated he used approximately 65 [percent] of his strength to place pressure on the victim and did not release pressure until the victim had stopped moving and was limp."

"Robert also stated he had bit the infant two times on the body out of frustration," the probable cause statement read.

Resendiz was arrested on charges of felony child abuse. As the baby died two days after the attack, it is likely those charges will be upgraded.

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Many readers are now demanding Resendiz receive the harshest punishment possible for his alleged crimes.

Some pushed for capital punishment.

"And this is yet another example of why the US has a death penalty," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

"Prison is too good for this murderer," said another.

Others thought a lengthy prison sentence would more than suffice.

"Just cut him loose in general population in the prison and let everybody know what he did," said one, adding that doing so would "take care of it."

News of the 6-month-old baby's death comes just weeks after another high-profile Arizona child abuse case shocked the community.

On Dec. 4, police arrested an overwhelmed Arizona father after he handed his 14-year-old daughter a 9 mm handgun and told her to kill herself, reports The Epoch Times.

Ulys Laffette Bell IV, 38, admitted to handing his daughter the gun and confessed he had disciplinary issues with his daughter. However, he insisted the weapon was not loaded.

Bell now faces charges of child abuse, child endangerment, and disorderly conduct with a weapon and was booked into county jail.

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