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Abandoned Newborn Baby Found In Florida

A newborn baby boy was found abandoned near Orlando, Florida, on July 29.

The baby was found on a wicker chair outside an apartment by a 35-year-old man returning home from work, according to WESH.

The man arrived home at around 8:40 a.m. and heard a whimpering sound. When he went to investigate, he discovered the baby wearing a diaper and wrapped in a brown sheet.

The baby's umbilical cord was still attached.

The man brought the baby inside and his housemate contacted police.

“We are so grateful that this child is alive just being left on the porch,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jane Watrel said. “No knock on the door, no doorbell ring. It is just so fortunate this young man was walking by, heard the whimper and investigated.”

Officers are reportedly going door to door in the local area to find out if anyone has information about the baby. They have urged the parents to come forward.

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“We’re in a very hot time in Florida and children overheat very quickly,” Watrel added.

The baby was taken to hospital and his condition was stable. He was later released to a foster family.

Florida has a safe haven law, allowing parents to leave a baby up to 7 days old at a fire station or hospital, with no questions asked.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, people have found three abandoned babies over recent months. This has led some to question whether the law is being effectively promoted.

Police charged a 26-year-old woman Aug. 3 with manslaughter after she threw her baby in the trash in March after it had died.

Since the law was passed, 240 babies have been dropped off at designated safe havens. Over the same period, parents have illegally abandoned 50 babies.

Lars White, a fire chief who is involved with the nonprofit A Safe Haven for Newborns, explained it can be difficult to reach mothers with drug or mental health issues.

“They are somewhat shielded from information that could help them or they are suffering from medical conditions that don't allow them to make good decisions,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.

Sources:  WESH via WFLA, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Orange County Sheriff's Office via Orlando Sentinel

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