Awww: Baby Girl Struggles To Crawl, Family Dog Demonstrates How It’s Done

An adorable viral video shows a dog teaching a baby girl how to crawl for the first time.

Mom Valerie Stevens-Scott, of Atlanta, recorded Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier giving 7-month-old baby Allie a lively lesson after seeing the little girl flailing her arms and legs around on the floor, the Daily Mail notes.

In the video, the worried family pet places himself by Allie, also known as Bear Bear, and hikes his front paws in front of him. Then, Buddy slides across the rug on his stomach as he drags his back legs behind.

Stevens-Scott posted the video on YouTube last week, with the caption: “Bear Bear hasn’t gotten the hang of crawling, so Buddy decided to show her how it’s done.”

The how-to session seems to be going nowhere as Allie stares at Buddy in amazement.

The 26-second-long video, titled "Buddy's Baby Crawling School,” has garnered over 3 million views as of this writing.

Check it out below (Warning: Cuteness overload):

(Video courtesy of Valerie Stevens-Scott)

Sources: YouTube, Daily Mail


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