Autopsy Reveals Slain College Student Cameron Redus Shot By Cop 5 Times at Close Range


An autopsy report of college student Cameron Redus, who was killed by a police officer while driving under the influence, reveals that the 23-year-old was shot five times at close range. His blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit at the time.

Redus, a student at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, was pulled over by Corporal Chris Carter for driving erratically on Dec. 6. The confrontation that ensued would be fatal to the young man. Carter claims that Redus was combative and tried to beat him with the officer’s baton. Those close to Redus maintain that he was never aggressive.

According to the autopsy, Redus was shot in the left eye, the upper chest, the back, the left elbow and the right hip. The bullet that entered through his back and punctured the sac around his heart was ruled "the most immediately lethal.”

“We are stunned to learn that Cameron was shot in the back from very close range,” Redus’ parents wrote in a statement in response to the autopsy. “The report also shows that the shot to his eye was delivered at a downward angle, again from very close range.”

“That knowledge, coupled with information from the earlier police report indicating that Cameron died on his back with his legs underneath him, has left us heartbroken and shaken to the core.”

The fact that Cameron died in such a position, in addition to a ring of contusions around his neck, may imply that the police officer threw him to the ground.

The accompanying toxicology report indicates that the victim’s blood alcohol content was nearly twice the Texas legal limit at .155. He also tested positive for trace amounts of THC.

Redus’ parents also wrote in their statement that while driving under the influence was a mistake, he lived an “amazing and productive life.”

“While mistakes do bear consequences, the extreme and brutal results of Cameron’s encounter with Officer Carter far exceed the magnitude of his mistakes,” they wrote.

Sources: KEN 5(2), KVUE


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