Autopsy Results Outline Disturbing Details In 9-Year-Old Omaree Varela's Death (Video)


Last month, Opposing Views reported about the disturbing death of 9-year-old Omaree Varela at the hands of his mother. The circumstances surrounding his death were horrific, but now, autopsy results are bringing to light even more gruesome details that could answer many of the questions that still remain.

Albuquerque, New Mexico police say Synthia Varela-Casaus admitted to beating her son, but says she didn’t mean to kick him as hard as she did. She is now facing charges for the boy’s death.

The autopsy report claims that the boy died from blunt trauma and had numerous injuries that were all at various stages of healing, meaning that they happened at different times. The medical investigator’s office says they discovered multiple bruises, burns, bite marks, and cuts all over Omaree’s body.

One of the most disturbing things about this case is that the young boy had called police multiple times to report abuse by his parents, but in every instance, nothing was done by police to get him out of the home.

"You make everybody sick around you, Omaree. Everybody,” said a man, believed to be Omaree’s stepfather, in the background of a 911 call from June of last year. “You make me and your mom fucking sick, man. I fucking can't stand you Omaree, my Lord.”

The autopsy report also says that the young boy had at least nine referrals to the Children, Youth, and Families Department, with two of them confirming abuse in the home. Omaree's stepfather Steve Casaus initially claimed he wasn't home when Omaree was killed by his mother, but police say that may not be the case.


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