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Auto Mechanic Calls Customer 'Stupid' In Surprising Note On Receipt

A man in Riverside, California, is furious after an auto mechanic wrote something offensive on his receipt.

“I saw the word ‘stupid’ and I just kind of was like, ‘What?’ And I read it and reread it,” Ruben Rodriguez, who was a customer at George Fritts Auto Repair, told CBS Los Angeles.

Rodriguez wasn’t mistaken. KCAL9 confirmed that the note scribbled at the bottom of the receipt did in fact read: “Customer to stupid to understand normal thinking.”

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He pointed out an ironic grammatical error allegedly made by George Fritts, owner of the auto repair shop. Fritts should have used the adverb “too” when he wrote “to stupid.”

“That is one of the issues that I pointed out when I went back into the store,” Rodriguez said. “And I don’t think he was too excited about that, but I did my best to help him out.”

He said he received the insulting message Tuesday when he asked Fritts about previous work done to his car at the shop.

“As you can see on the bottom, it does say customer advised again about keeping oil clean, which I’m not sure how to do that. That was my question,” Rodriguez told KCAL.

“If he has the nerve enough or proud enough to write this on paper then who else has he told and talked to this way,” he said. “I just felt that if you were treated this way by him he shouldn’t get away with it.”

When asked by a reporter about the insult, the only comment Fritts made was that he stood by his opinion of Rodriguez.

According to the Daily Mail, since the incident, the shop’s Facebook page has been receiving bad reviews from those unhappy with Fritts’ behavior.

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Sources: CBS Los AngelesDaily Mail / Image Credits: KCAL, Facebook


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