Autistic Teen Targeted by Undercover Cop, Fights Charges, Graduates High School (Video)


Jesse Snodgrass graduated from Chaparral High School in Temecula, California, last month, but neither the Temecula Valley School District nor Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wanted him to.

Snodgrass, who has autism, was one of several special needs students who were reportedly tricked into buying drugs and arrested by undercover officers from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 2013.

An undercover officer pretended to be friends with the teen, texting him at least 60 times to buy some drugs for him, noted Rolling Stone earlier this year.

When Snodgrass finally bought $20 worth of pot for his new "friend" from a homeless man, he was busted and expelled from school by the Temecula Valley School District.

However, his parents, Catherine and Doug Snodgrass, fought the charges, which were eventually thrown out by a judge who slammed the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for its tactics.

The judge also ordered Snodgrass back into school.

"It was an incredible feeling," Doug told CBS Los Angeles on graduation day in June. "We’ve been waiting 19 years, but the last year and a half has been pretty intense."

“We were very worried this might never happen for our family, for Jesse,” added Doug. “It was heartbreaking, and it was unconscionable, but to see him come back and accomplish this makes me really proud as a father."

“Instead of deception and trying to trick kids into doing bad things, if you actually support them, educate them and nurture them, you get results like what happened with Jesse tonight,” stated Doug.

Doug and Catherine have filed a lawsuit against the Temecula Valley School District for expelling their son. posted a video (below) this week about Snodgrass's story and how the so-called "War on Drugs" has become a "War on Kids."

Sources: Rolling Stone,, CBS Los Angeles


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