Autistic Man Christopher Crist Left Completely Toothless After Dentist Mix-Up


A man who has autism had all 32 of his teeth pulled out after he went in for a routine procedure to have just three taken out.

Christopher Crist, 21, is from Indianapolis. He went to a dentist to have three problematic teeth removed but a miscommunication seemed to have happened, as Crist left with no teeth.

Crist said it started when the dentist gave him pills to help with his pain. Crist believes the miscommunication happened when he took the medicine.

"The pills made me loopy and as they were doing that, they were shooting my gums with the numbing gel. They took the first three that I asked them to and then they just kept going," he said.

His family said they gave him instructions to give to the dentist, but somehow the dentist still performed the wrong procedure.

Crist's family is planning on retrieving his patient file from the dentist and filing a complaint with the state of Indiana.

Sources: WTVR, NY Daily News


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