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Autistic Boy Charged With Felony For Writing 'Bone Thrat' (Video)

An autistic fourth grader in Upson County, Georgia, was charged with a felony after he wrote the words “Bone Thrat” on a bathroom wall inside a school.

Jake Edwards, 10, showed the principal of Upson-Lee North Elementary school the scrawled misspelling. The principal subsequently called 911 (video below).

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Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore chose to evacuate over 650 people from the school and had his officers sweep the area.

Sheriff Kilgore questioned Edwards who confessed to writing the words. The boy was then charged with a "terroristic threats" felony.

Edwards told My Fox Atlanta that he didn't want to hurt anyone and added that he didn't know how to build a bomb.

Edwards' mother Kelly believes her son got the idea from an incident a week earlier when someone had written a bomb threat in the bathroom of the town's middle school.

Edwards was suspended from school for three days in December 2014, when this incident occurred.

Kelly says her son has been medically diagnosed as a special needs child and that is why she has him enrolled in special education classes.

Sheriff Kilgore believes charging the boy with a felony will somehow help the Edwards family get the child the treatment that he needs.

However, the family can't even afford a lawyer to represent their son during his upcoming date in juvenile court.

In August 2014, a man was arrested for allegedly calling in bomb threats to the local courthouse and high school, and two juveniles were arrested in 2013 for allegedly making bomb threats to the high school, noted

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Image Credit: My Fox Atlanta Screenshot


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