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Autistic Applebee's Employee Not Paid For A Year

A Rhode Island Applebee's reportedly failed to pay an autistic employee for a year.

Caleb Dyl has worked at the restaurant in Middletown, Rhode Island, since August 2014, WTRF reports. He had completed a training program beforehand, and his work coach described him as a "tireless worker."

"One young man told me they were lucky to have him, that Caleb just continues to work and work and he won't stop until the end of his shift," Bob Dyl, Caleb's father, told WPRI, according to WTRF.

Caleb's parents claim their son never received his wages, even after they completed the necessary forms. They reportedly did the paperwork again in November 2014 after the first set had allegedly been lost.

Caleb's parents said they contacted the state's Resources for Human Development to report the matter, though the company claimed the department never made it aware of the issue.

Officials from Applebee's claim they were not aware of Caleb's situation, but said a check will be mailed to him soon.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17.1 percent of disabled persons were employed in 2014.

Sources: WTRF, Bureau of Labor Statistics / Photo credit: WTRF


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