Authorities Take Children Of Marijuana Activists Josh And Lindsey Rinehart


Two medical marijuana activists in Boise, Idaho, have had their sons taken away from them and placed in foster care.

Josh and Lindsey Rinehart are being investigated for “possible charges of trafficking, possession and injury to a child.” Police considered their children to be in imminent danger.

Linsdey is the executive director of medical marijuana advocacy group Compassionate Idaho. The group has been in the news lately for circulating petitions about legalizing medical marijuana.

“They took my children. Due to cannabis being present in the house," Lindsey said. “We were not dealing. We were not buying. We were not selling. We were not growing,"

She denies that her children were in any danger, The Daily Mail reported.

"They say their goal is to return our children to our home once it is deemed safe. They say our children will be in foster care for 30 days," Lindsey said.

Police and Health and Welfare officers reportedly went to the family’s home after someone from one of the children’s elementary school claimed that an unidentified person had brought marijuana to school.

“So they decided basically, who would have cannabis in their home,” Lindsey said. “Now if you're the chief petitioner to legalize medical marijuana, where would you go with that?”

Even with their recent troubles, the Rineharts aren’t giving up.

“We are going to work on getting our children back. And we are going to work on education. And we are going to work on getting medical marijuana laws in Idaho so this doesn't happen to any more people,” Lindsey said.

Although their sons are in foster care, no formal charges have been filed against the Rineharts.

Sources: The Daily Mail, KTVB


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