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Authorities Seize Marijuana Cannon Used to Hurdle Drugs Across Border

As drug smuggling across borders becomes exceedingly difficult, those wishing to transport illegal substances are forced to get creative, though this still gets them caught.

Authorities seized a marijuana cannon in Mexico after they received a tip about the devices, which hurdled canisters of marijuana across the border of California over the last few weeks.

The cannon, made of a plastic pipe and a homemade metal tank, was found in Mexicali, Mexico. It launched some marijuana canisters that weighed nearly 30 pounds.

When US officials asked Mexico police to investigate the situation, they uncovered the cannon in an old truck which held the device in the back.

The cannon’s tank had compressed air from the truck’s engine, allowing it to launch the canisters across the border.

This isn’t the first time a cannon or tank was used to transport marijuana across borders.

Last year, authorities found a similar device in Yuma, Arizona, near the border between California and Arizona. There were 33 canisters of marijuana, worth more than $42,000.

Eventually, they found a “carbon dioxide tank” they thought was used to fuel a cannon capable of catapulting the canisters up to 500 feet.

When all marijuana was removed from the canisters, they found the total amount to exceed 85 pounds.

This comes after many drug smugglers are attempting alternate methods of transporting drugs across the border. Agents in Mexico and America are kept on their toes as smugglers create innovative techniques.

They have been known to dig elaborate tunnels, build ramps, and utilize slingshot devices to transport drugs across the border between Mexico and America.

This marijuana cannon is the latest innovative technique to smuggle illegal substances across borders.



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