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Police Respond To Wrong House, Shoot Owner

Police in Georgia shot a homeowner, leaving him in critical condition when they arrived at the wrong house while responding to a 911 call.

Shortly before midnight on June 7, Henry County police in Stockbridge, Georgia, received a 911 call from someone who said they heard gunshots and a woman screaming for help, according to CBS. The officers went to the wrong home and found William Powell, 63, who reportedly had a handgun on him, in plain sight.

"Based on the directions given to the police officers there, they wound up at the residence of Mr. Powell," said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Scott Dutton. "[A] preliminary review of the 911 call indicates that the officers were at the wrong location."

When officers told Powell to drop his gun, the man refused, and one of the officers shot him in the neck, leaving him critically injured.

Powell was reported to be in critical condition at Atlanta Medical Center as of June 9. Powell's brother-in-law, Clifton Worn, said that Powell is on life support, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The shooting is currently under investigation by the GBI, which has confirmed that Powell had nothing to do with the 911 call that the police were responding to.

Geraldine Huey, Powell's mother-in-law, who lives next door, said that Powell had come out of his house after hearing a "racket" late in the night to see if someone was trying to break into his home.

"He went to see what the dogs were carrying on about," said Huey, 85. "He [picked] up his gun and when he got to the gate, they shot him."

"I think the police should identify themselves more if they show up at someone’s house in the middle of the night, instead of just shining lights in their windows," said Darrell Cooper, a longtime friend of Powell's.

The GBI said that the police eventually found the correct house. There had been an argument, but Dutton said there was no indication of screaming or any gunshots at the home.

The officer who shot Powell in the neck has been placed on paid leave by the police administration, according to Henry Police Captain Joey Smith.

Powell's shooting was reportedly the second police shooting in the last month on the same street. In May, Henry police responded to a report of domestic violence and fatally shot a man who had shot at his father and missed.

Source: CBS, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2) / Photo credit: Valerie Everett/Flickr

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