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Authorities Issue Amber Alert In Search For Missing 6-Year-Old Texas Girl

An Amber Alert was issued in the search for Alexis Lynn Johnson, a 6-year-old Texas girl last seen on Oct. 11.

Johnson was believed to have been taken by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Harvey Eugene York Jr., who drove off in a blue pickup truck, Daily Mail reported.

York was visiting Alexis’ mother, Misty Howard, when an argument broke out between the two and he was asked to leave.

“I thought he was getting some of my stuff out the truck and telling her bye, and the next thing we knew, he cranked the truck up and left with her, so we jumped in the truck and chased him,” Howard told KPRC.

But Howard was unable to keep up with York, losing track of his vehicle soon afterwards.

York’s mother contacted Howard on Oct. 12 to say that York had arrived at her house in Louisiana with Alexis, but had since moved on.

“If they come back, don't give her, just hold her,” Kim Pilcher, Alexis’ aunt, told York’s mother by phone.

Alexis recently started kindergarten.

“She's a very happy child,” Pilcher said. "She's extremely happy. She makes friends quick."

Howard and York dated at various points over the past 15 years, but broke up about five months ago. York is not Alexis’ biological father.

“She thought of him as her daddy; she loved him,” Howard said of Alexis.

York’s vehicle was located in Louisiana later on Oct. 12; however, no trace of York or Alexis has been found.

“Just please bring her home safe,” Pilcher said. "We won't press charges; just bring her home safe. We just want Lexi home."

Local and state police forces are conducting a major search operation for Alexis, including the use of ground personnel and a helicopter, The Huffington Post reported.

Alexis is described as white, stands at about 3-foot-7 and weighs approximately 63 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes, and she wears glasses.

Sources: KPRC, Huffington Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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