Authorities Discover Alcohol Pipeline Smuggling Booze Under A River From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan

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Border and customs officials discovered a makeshift pipeline used to smuggle alcohol under a river bordering Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Officials suspect that thousands of liters of liquor – mostly vodka – have been pumped through the pipeline in the Chu River.

Only half a kilometer long, the pipe was located just a few kilometers from a border checkpoint. Authorities believe liquor was smuggled through the pipeline for months.

"We assume that thousands of litres of alcohol were smuggled with it, primarily vodka," said a police official from the northern Kyrgyz city of Tokmok.

Grain and spirits are both cheap and plentiful in Kazakhstan, BBC reported.

The search for the smugglers has begun. No arrests have been made.

Sources: BBC News, Herald Sun


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