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Author Kevin Seccia Offers $1000 to Anyone Who Beats Up Chris Brown

The fact that Chris Brown has been so readily accepted back into the music industry, despite showing no repentance for the vicious assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna (a crime he is still serving the sentence for) is a scandal and no laughing matter.  But this seemingly sincere offer, by an American comedian, to pay a grand to anyone prepared to land a punch or two on Brown's stupid face might raise a smile.

Kevin Seccia, author of the book How To Beat Up Anything, has set the bounty for bashing Brown, despite the danger he could be charged with soliciting the crime. Writing on his blog, Seccia says:

“For legal reasons I will say this is partially a joke, and partially a way to bring some measure of pain and discomfort (non-physical) to a terrible, vicious human being who deserves far worse, HOWEVER, if you were to hit him and then email me video proof of that beating, I would absolutely, one hundred percent guaranteed send you a thousand dollars. You know, that money I already owed you, or something.”

Here at Holy Moly, we know that one violent act does not justify another. However, if you were to send us that video first, you would be welcome to come to our office and take away the large sports bag that we think is yours anyway. And if it contained the sterling equivalent of $2000 then you’d probably be entitled to keep it. What with it being yours.

You can read Kevin’s full explanation of why he wants Chris Brown to be hit in the face quite hard here.

Of course, the comments section on that blog is starting to swell with Chris Brown apologists. One even suggests he’s “suffered”. And no, we still can’t get our head round the recent  Brown/Rihanna collaboration either. She’s an idiot but that doesn’t make his crime any less.


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