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Author Angry About Daughter's Racist History Assignment

Romance thriller author and archeologist Rachel Grant expressed her disgust on Sept. 28 about her daughter's racist history school assignment, which included a 55-page packet that slammed black people and presented a warped view of the past.

Fusion notes that Grant tweeted pages of the "vile" packet to her many Twitter followers.

One section of the packet, entitled "U.S. History Special Victims Unit," was about President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and its social programs. The packet disparaged black people and claimed that they used to have a "strong work ethic" in the days of slavery, 200-300 years ago:

Over three centuries of a strong work ethic, cohesive families, the thirst for education, and Christian values as vital parts of the African-American heritage gave way to long-term dependence on the government and the erosion of the work ethic; the decline of family as inordinate numbers of black men abandoned their responsibilities as single parent homes became more "normal" and, indeed, possible with government support; the highest dropout rates in the nation; and the replacement of Christian values with those of the urban streets.

Another section of the packet, "Women in US History," attacked the Clintons:

The cause for women took steps backward when President Bill Clinton, notorious womanizer as Governor of AR, was publicly accused by Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle, and others of rape and harassment. The most notorious case was Monica Lewinsky, who Clinton took advantage of sexually when she worked as a White House intern ... First Lady Hillary Clinton joined her husband’s attack on the victims and she "stood by her man," thereby setting back some distance the cause of the women’s fight against exploitation.

A section entitled "Tremendous Gains in Race Relations, but Trouble in Paradise" vilified President Barack Obama:

Perhaps the greatest missed opportunity for racial healing and advance was the Presidency of Barack Obama, the first of mixed race. Ignoring real solutions to real problems, he stoked the fires of grievance. He lent his support to a 2014-16 movement called "Black Lives Matter," which protested, sometimes violently, a handful of high-profile deaths of young black men at the hands of white police ... The facts, however, did not stand in the way of the movement or the President, who seemed ready to ignore the thousands of black lives that apparently did not matter so much -- those killed by by fellow blacks in the inner city -- possibly because it did not fit the narrative of white racism.

Grant tweeted:

"I think I'm going to vomit. This man is teaching my daughter."

"I’ve made a copy and now I’m scanning the entire 55 page document. The principal and school board will hear about this."

"As an archaeologist w/a history minor I know how important history is. And this is all the non-white male US history some students will get."

Sources: Fusion, Rachel Grant/Twitter / Photo credit: Rachel Grant/Twitter

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