Austrian Teens Who Joined ISIS Now Reported To Be Pregnant


Earlier this week, Opposing Views reported that one of two teenage girls from Austria who fled to Syria to fight for ISIS may have died, but now, the latest reports allege that they both may be pregnant.

Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, reportedly fled Austria earlier this year to go to Syria and support Islamic State (often referred to as ISIS) militants after they converted to Islam. The Austrian government has been trying to keep close tabs on them, as they are worried for their safety amidst the terror going on in the region, but earlier this week, reports noted that one of them might have died.

A breaking report from the NY Post, however, claims that the girls are both alive and are both pregnant by a pair of Chechan fighters. The news outlet says that the girls claimed to be alive and pregnant on their social media accounts, but there are no links to those accounts to confirm that this is true. Central European News reportedly first made the claims that they were pregnant, and the NY Post reporting was based on that.

Austrian police have reportedly responded to the allegations, but they too say that they have no way of confirming that they are accurate.

“We have no independent confirmation that either of them are dead or alive, or that either of them are pregnant, although we suspect both are married,” said an Austrian police spokesman. “At the moment investigations are ongoing.”

Austrian government officials are worried that ISIS may be using the two young girls to help promote themselves to other young people in the West and recruit them for the cause.

Sources: Gawker, NY Post


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