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Australian Zoos Fight Heat By Feeding Animals Blocks Of Ice With Food Inside (Photo)

It’s still pretty damn cold in many parts of America. Though we seem to have thawed out of the polar vortex that froze much of the country in recent weeks, there’s no escaping that it’s just a cold time of the year here.

Want to know one place in the world where it’s not cold? Australia. As frigid as the weather has been in America recently, it’s been equally hot in the land down under. Temperatures in many parts of the country this week ranged from 100-110 degrees.

Which such oppressive temperatures, it’s no surprise that many non-native animals kept in the country’s zoos are struggling to stay cool.  But zookeepers at the Australian National Zoo have found a pretty brilliant way to keep the animals cool: foodsicles.

Workers at the zoo have started freezing the animal’s meals in blocks of ice before feeding them. The ice keeps the animals cool while preserving the food inside.

Check out this picture of a lion chilling out while licking an ice block of blood:

Image placeholder title

Lion’s aren’t the only animals enjoying the frozen treats. Bears at the zoo were given ice blocks containing fish and fruit inside. Pictures from the Canberra Times show an otter gnawing on a ice cube with a huge chunk of fish inside as well.

Senior National Zoo Wildlife keeper Renee Osterloh said volunteers spent many hours this week preparing the blocks.

“A lot of the ice-blocks may have fruit and vegetables in them or blood and meat depending on the species,” Osterloh said. “It’s just frozen food really, but throughout the day as it gets hot, and it’s defrosting, the animals can [be] having a drink as well as enjoying the treats inside.”

Stay cool, furry friends.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Canberra Times


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