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Woman In Incestuous Commune Allegedly Caught Planning To Kidnap Her Sons From Foster Care

A mother is in jail after secret tapes revealed she was allegedly plotting to kidnap her own sons, with whom she reportedly had an incestuous relationship, from foster care.

Betty Colt, 46, who was given that surname by the court to protect the identity of her children, was allegedly the matriarch of an incestuous commune in New South Wales. Her son Bobby, 16, was most likely fathered by Betty’s own father or one of her brothers. 

Betty and her 13 children were among 38 related adults and children discovered two years ago engaging in incestuous relationships and living in horrific conditions in the hills near a farming community southwest of Sydney. Five of Betty’s children were the product of incest and many of them have intellectual and physical disabilities as the result of inbreeding. Some of the children in the Colt family died at a young age due to congenital deformities that stemmed from incest.

The scandal came to light when one of the Colt children was overheard at school saying “My sister is pregnant and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father.” Twelve children were taken into foster care after they were discovered living in squalid conditions; many of the children were illiterate, malnourished and unaware of basic hygiene practices. In fact, when the filthy compound was raided in July 2012, authorities found a kangaroo laying in one of the children’s beds.

Betty was recorded telling her son Bobby that he had a “sexy voice.” Bobby was reluctant to leave his foster parents, but his mother told him “pack his bags.” 

Colt was sentenced to a year in jail for plotting to kidnap two of her sons from their foster parents. She intended to take them to live on a South Australian fruit-picking farm. Though Betty awaits prosecution for other charges, Magistrate Mary Ryan said “[Betty] has absolutely no insight into the damage she has caused them in the past.”

Sources: Daily Mail

Image via WikiCommons, Daily Mail


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