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Australian Wild Man: I'd Rather Be In Jail Than Not Drink

Some people would rather go to jail than stop drinking.

No, seriously.

22-year-old party animal Milu Manu Felix Wild has asked a judge for jail time because his current two-year ban on drinking is just too tough to handle.

Wild, whose last name couldn’t be more perfect, was banned from drinking for committing offenses that put most (but not all) bath salt users to shame.

Wild was arrested after he got naked, knocked over portable toilets, peed on his hands and proceeded to fling his pee on Australian park rangers at an Australian national park last year.

His wild man act earned him two years of sober probation.

Apparently our poor pee-flinging friend can’t handle life away from the bar scene. He says he’s depressed sitting at home while all of his other friends are out drinking and knocking over portable toilets.

"(He said) in Darwin people of his generation go out and have a good time on the weekend and drink," Wild’s attorney said.

Call him crazy (or Wild…nailed it), but you can’t call this guy inconsistent. Even his Facebook page declares his undying love for partying. His listed interests include (but are not limited to): “Causing a ruckus,” “getting drunk,” “getting paid,” and last but not least, “piss-ups.” 

Source: NY Daily News


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